Don't Break The Bank, Negotiate

George Communications is willing to work with your budget to provide reasonably priced services combined with quality that can't be matched.

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Core Services

With our Better Business Budget tool, you can mix and match the services you want to build the perfect George Communications solution for your business. Here is a starter list of just a few services we offer. Don't see the service you are looking for? Try clicking the brand links above the menu to see services including web hosting, entrepreneurial education services, and the secure managed SUMAC CRM Portal.

Web Design

  • Whatever your concept, we will build it. Not only will it be flawlessly captivating on the front-end, but also easy to manage on the back.
  • Do it yourself Website Builder
  • Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal
  • Flat light weight HTML


  • From SEO to creating your next print ad, we will use our toolbox to ensure your business needs are met.
  • SEO and Digital Campaigns
  • Competitor SEO Analysis
  • Market Research

Brand Strategy

  • Need help on naming or marketing new products, services or even a business? Work with us.
  • Logo Creation
  • Business Naming
  • Competitor Research

The bottom line...

Setting up and running a successful business takes time, money, and effort. Smart business owners know how to leverage all three.

George Communications is your brand manager, marketing director and IT department all combined in a smart package that saves you time and effort. And when it comes to money, George Communications saves you that as well in two critical ways:

  • First is our motto “Don’t break the bank, negotiate.” You only pay for the services you need at a price within your budget and you have the expertise of our whole team at your disposal when you need it.

  • We do the heavy lifting for the tasks you are too busy to do or take away from your more financially productive tasks - ones that keep you earning money. Why do a job that is necessary, but doesn’t bring in any revenue? When you can be doing the things that are necessary to raise your revenue.

Now you can build your business, complete projects, and expand your marketing all without having to hire more staff, handle payroll and maintain overhead.

Projects On Budget

Happy Clients


Years of Experinces


Success Stories

Success stories are the backbone of George Communications. We judge our own success on our ability to provide our clients with the services and tools to take their business to the next level.

"Demoyne George, the owner of Red Gravity Technology and George Communications, provides excellent service. He offers a range of products and services- from web design, web hosting, tech help, and more. From the first moment we started working together, it felt like I was his only customer. I had many questions, opinions and near constant changes during the creation of my website, and Demoyne was there for me every step of the way with a calming presence and a practical solution. The quality of his work was impeccable, and I can't overstate how helpful and responsive he was, and continues to be..."

Amanda M.
McDowell Copywriting

"Working with George Communications over the last two years has been amazing.  Their team is very knowledgable and has helped me cut cost almost every step of the way."

Howie D.
Owner - Web Services US

"I only provided George Communications with my ideas for my website and their team created a phenomenal logo and website for my company. Working with George Communications is an amazing experience."

Cathy H.
Owner - Musical Masseuse

Better Business Budget Tool

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